Pavillion in the Archeological park of Selinunte built during the Summer School “Let’s Build!” (2012)


cmmkm architettura e design, arch. Bernardino D’amico, arch. Andrea Fiore, arch. Daniele Lancia.


Sergio Pone, Sofia Colabella, Bianca Parenti, Andrea Fiore, Daniele Lancia, Adriano Amato, Maria Pone, Adriana Grossi, Thomas Schlotz, Alessandro Cirillo, Francesca Ferranti, Silvia Giarratano, Davide Rando, Marco Genovese, Giulio Serlupi

with Leonardo Matassoni, Alessandro Matassoni, Salvatore Aiuto, Simone Cusenza, Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi

Goals achieved during this experimentation
  • Minimization of the rods curvature without reducing the curvature of the surface.
  • Improving the grid prefabrication system.
  • Connection joints between modules staggering.
  • Speeding the diagonal bracing assembly: those have been entirely prefabricated for the first time. This acceleration made it possible to complete the gridshell (80 square meters) in only five days and this is perhaps the most important result obtained from the experiment in Selinunte’s archaeological park.
Organized by

AIAC – Associazione Italiana di Architettura e Critica PressTLetter

Photos by baugrafik