TOLEDO gridshell

TOLEDO gridshell


Pavillion built for Naples School of Architecture courtyard, University of Naples”Federico II” (2012)

The structure is the final outcome of the master’s degree thesis:“Digital Form-Finding of Timber Post-formed Gridshell”
Authors: Andrea Fiore, Daniele Lancia
Advisors: Prof.Sergio Pone with PhD. Sofia Colabella, PhD. Bianca Parenti, Arch. Bernardino D’amico, Prof. Francesco Portioli

The main topic of the thesis is the development of a design tool for digital form-finding gridshell, by a real time materials simulation system’s behavior as well as the kinematic construction process, which consists in the bending of an initial flat grid to reach the final resistent shape.


Arch. Andrea Fiore, Arch. Daniele Lancia, Prof. Arch. Sergio Pone, Prof. Arch. Sofia Colabella, Arch. Bianca Parenti

Structural consultants

Arch. Bernardino D’Amico, Prof. Ing. Francesco Portioli


Andrea Fiore, Daniele Lancia, Sergio Pone, Sofia Colabella, Bianca Parenti, Bernardino D’Amico, Davide Ercolano, Ileana Lupica, Lucia Del Giudice, Simona Forte, Ludovica La Rocca, Andrea Mazza, Gabriele Mirra, Eduardo Pignatelli, David Romano, Isabel Albertini, Mariano Cigliano

with the assistance of: Luisa Califano, Arianna Restucci, Sergio Villari, Else Caggiano, Umberto Colabella, Gabriele Parenti, Giovanni Colabella, Vincenzo Angelino